30 Wonderful Ways to Use Wet Bags

It all started with those cute wet bag-gift bag posts. Experienced mommas shared how they showered mommas-to-be with an adorable wet bag filled with baby booty. What a fantastic idea!

But most of my friends are not as excited about cloth diapering as I am. Thus, I began my search for alternative wet bag uses. There are probably plenty more ways, but here are my TOP THIRTY!

Makeup. Think of how nasty a makeup bag can get with all the powders and perhaps liquids that leak. Use a small wet bag to contain the mess. When ready for cleanup, it's super easy to rinse out and wipe dry.

Backup contact stuff. Keep a spare set of contacts, solutions, or even glasses in your car or office.

Travel toiletries. Going anywhere for a night or more requires bringing along toiletries. Toss a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, body wash, etc. into a small wet bag. Keep possible airplane pressure explosions contained!

Travel laundry bag. Stuff all the dirty, stinky stuff into a large wet bag. When you return home, it's easy to flip the bag inside out tossing the laundry directly into the washer. If you really want to make laundry easy, have a separate wet bag for each color. You'd likely need a few bags for a family weekend or vacation anyway.

Swimsuits. After a fun day at the beach or pool, stuff the swimsuits, towels, and toys into a large wet bag.

Beach and pool companion. Continuing on... bring your gear to the beach or pool in wet bags. You'll be bringing clean stuff there but wet stuff home. Pack up toys, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, books, towels, etc. Protect your phones, cameras, music boxes, and other sand magnets, too.

towels, suits, snacks, and toys all ready for fun in the sun

Winter fun. Stuff gloves, hats, scarves, snow pants, etc. into a wet bag after a day of skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or other snow adventures. The same principle from above applies here, too. You have a nice sturdy bag for bringing things along and taking them home.

Diaper blowouts or potty training. Keep spare clothes, diapers, and/or undies in a wet bag in your car. Use one per kid. If your child goes to daycare, prepare a bag for the caregivers.

Trash bag. Say YES to cleaning up that litter your wide-eyed wild child picks up. Keep garbage from rolling about and from stinking up your car. Make sure you zip it shut!

Boo-boos. Use a fun mini wet bag filled with ice to cool those unfortunate boo-boos. Kids will love the fun ouchie pack.

Kitchen. Use that snap strap to hang a wet bag from a knob or handle. Stuff bibs, dish rags, towels, cloth napkins, tablecloths, etc. into the bag.

First aid emergency kit. Store bandages, creams, gauze, tweezers, safety pins, epi pens, spare diabetes pen needles, tissues, alcohol wipes, nail clippers, a comb, feminine hygiene products, and so on in a wet bag to keep a first aid kit handy in the car, diaper bag, purse, or at home.

mini wet bag first aid kit

Barf bag. When you need it, you'll be glad you have it even if you have to unzip and unload a stuffed wet bag to keep it contained.

Laptop slip. Protect your laptop from dings and dirt.

Food. Pack snacks and lunches in wet bags. With all the different wet bag sizes available, you could pack your packs in a pack.

Pump and pump parts. A wet-dry bag works best if you need to pump multiple times a day. You can keep the clean parts in the dry compartment while putting the used parts in the wet side. If you just need a bag for one pumping session, a wet bag will keep your pump stuff clean and then be ready to bring everything back home for cleaning.

Documents. Place paperwork in a wet bag to keep it dry.

Carrier storage. Store your baby wraps and/or carriers in a large wet bag. You can even get all matchy-matchy with your set as many exclusive carrier releases are paired with exclusive wet bags. And it's just one more excuse to buy all the wet bags!

matchy matchy carrier storage

Car emergency kit. Keep spare outfits, undies, towels, swimwear, tissues, water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. in the car for those unexpected accidents or spontaneous adventures in the great outdoors.

Glove compartment storage. Store your lotion, hand sanitizer, tissues, pens, a note pad, a coin purse, lip balm and other items in a small or mini wet bag tucked neatly away into your car. It'll be easier to find them when you need them. And messes will be contained once summer rolls around and you forgot about your hidden chocolate stash.

Dry seat. Lay a wet bag on your car seat after a beach day to protect your seats from soaking up all of your fun.

Art supplies. Store paint, markers, crayons, glue, BINGO daubers, etc. in a wet bag to prevent accidental art.

Out to dinner duty. Small wet bags are the perfect size for packing a suction plate, bib, sippy, and washcloth for your hungry little tot. Pack a couple toys in there, too, to distract your little while everyone anxiously waits for the good grub to arrive. 

Activity sack. Bring your kiddos' favorite toys, coloring supplies, and blankie wherever you go.

activity kit for air travel

Hiking companion. Pack out what you pack in. Tuck one in your backpack to contain any garbage or dirty stuff from your adventures.

Workout clothes. After you get your sweat on, your hot mess needs to be contained. Enough said. Haha!

Pet grub bag. Bring kitty or puppy food along for your getaways.

Quick cooler. Add an ice pack and you've got chilled juice boxes, milk boxes, water bottles, or even adult beverages.

Itty bitty containment. Keep puzzle pieces, Legos, chess pieces, dolls, doll clothes, and other small toys together.

Gift bag. Design the perfect gift bag by stuffing a wet bag with a gift for a new baby, young tot, or a messy grown-up. With all the adorable designs out there, your gift will be wrapped with great green love!

the greatest teacher gift ever

Now go get your WET BAGS and adventure on!!! 

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